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    "Hypolaïs polyglotte" was a soundinstallation in the Blinzelbar, presented 4.1. - 11.1. 2009.
The work of Manon Lafaye (aka Judith Haman) and Enrico Sinople (aka Heiner Metzger) used the speeches of neighbours and peoples who talked or performed from the top of the hight seats build up at the Grosse Bergstrasse in Hamburg nearby the Blinzelbar from june till december 2008 as part of the installation "Schonzeit".
The sound recordings of these speeches were processed electronically
and at the sound installation "Hypolaïs polyglotte" in three variants simultaneously played into the room. This video shows a short view of the two high seats, moved from the street into the Blinzelbar.
The "Blinzelbar"was an artist run space in Hamburg, Grosse Bergstrasse 156. In the beginning of 2009, we had to move to the "Frappant"
building Grosse Bergstrasse 168, the former sale room of the "Karstadt" company.
The demolition of the "Frappant" building was supported by local politicans, except the left, to support the construction of the "Ikea" building at that place. Now, several years after the "Ikea" storehouse opening we can say, the gentrification of that neighbourhood didn't work.
Video, production: Judith Haman, Heiner Metzger • Hamburg, 2009/19
  Ephemera   graphische Notation 1992

Graphische Notation aus Gefrierbeuteln  15,5 x 30 cm, Götterspeise, in die das Kassettenband mit Aufnahmen der Performance  "Ephemera" fixiert ist,
Plexiglasrahmen und -scheiben, Lichtkasten.

Graphic notation, material: freezer bag 15,5 x 30 cm, Jelly- inside cassette tape with recordings of the performance "Ephemera"
Plexiglas frames and panes, light box.

Ephemera, performance by Judith Haman, Heiner Metzger on 10.10.1992
in front of and on the stairs of the church St. Michael, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany